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Discover Australia With The Free OZ Planner Mobile Phone Application

Travellers can now use mobile technology to plan their next Australian adventure. Based on a successful online holiday planning tool, the OZ Planner for mobile phones employs innovative mapping technology for holiday planning.

The OZ planner can be used for smart phones and mobile phones such as the iphone. This useful mobile application is the latest addition to hundreds, if not thousands, of helpful mobile applications available in the market. The OZ planner for mobile phones is a very useful application for people going to Australia. This application makes your getaway to the land down under more relaxing and hassle-free. Now, that’s convenience! The listed features are enumerated in the next paragraphs.

The free mobile phone application provides journey and destination ideas for a variety of experiences. Whether a holiday involves nature, beaches, or outback exploration, the OZ Planner can help travelers plan their ideal Australian adventure.

The application features sixteen suggested Australian journeys, with highlights, images, and activities to help viewers get a taste of the experience before planning their trip. Panoramic photographs give tourists a feel for a particular holiday destination and, hopefully, entice them to book a trip.

Travelers can also search a range of destinations to receive recommendations and suggestions for their trip. The OZ Planner provides direct access to numerous Australian tourism product listings like tour providers, hotel accommodations, car hire, event listings, and other valuable travel information.

Using the OZ Planner mobile phone application makes holiday planning easier than ever before. The application makes holiday arrangements convenient and portable. With access to more than 20,000 products and services, the OZ Planner is an excellent way to discover Australia and plan the next adventure.


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